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What camera do you use?

A question by Anonymous

My left eye.

Updated: activeoblivion replied to your post:What camera do you use?

x100s, xpro-1, T2i (Kiss X4)… maybe some more… (answering your questions for you)
Adds: Thank you kind activeoblivion - I’d be pretty happy if I had an xpro-1 but alas..
@anon, If you must know, I use an x100s 97.9% of the time and my brother’s xe-1 2.1% of the remainder. I used to use a 600D till 2013 but I parted with it at the beginning of this year. 

Love your Edinburgh photos, looking forward to seeing more :) kyle

A question by kylebonallo

Thanks for the kind words, Kyle! :)

NB: Photos of Scotland coming to an end soon.